Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rotation One: Psych!

Well I have officially finished my first rotation. July 4-31 I was living down in San Diego, doing my psychiatry rotation there and it was amazing!! I totally loved psych and was ready to sign up to be a psychiatrist right then and there! I was at a small clinic run through the County of San Diego where I worked 4 days a week, 10 hours a day and got to see and help a lot of people. I really loved the whole clinic experience, the nurses were awesome, it was great to see the work that the therapists did, I loved getting to help facilitate the support groups, and the psychiatrist that I rotated with was amazing and so knowledgeable and it was especially neat because she is both a child and adult psychiatrist, so I got to see both kinds of psychiatry. All in all, it was super fun to live in San Diego and I loved psych and I found out that I passed both sets of boards, and was in 2 of my best friends' weddings! So far it's been a pretty awesome summer :) For now, I'm living at home, and doing my Family Med rotation at Arrowhead, which is awesome because I'm learning a ton and it's so fun to be in a big teaching hospital where you do a ton and where a lot of my friends are (yesterday I went down to the ER to do an H&P on a new admit for Family Med and the person who did the original H&P in the ER was one of my best medical school friends :))

These days, life is great.