Monday, December 5, 2011

Rotation Five: Surgery [Part I]

So only a few months after my roommate, Megan (from high school, not college!) moved into our apt in Cerritos, it was finally time for me to join and move into our fantastic apt...just in time to start my surgery rotation in Downey.

Surgery was.....not my favorite rotation thus far, but not totally terrible :) The hours were long (6-6 every day) but I saw a lot of lap appys, lap choles, differerent colon/general gi surgeries, some C-Sections :) and even a breast masectomy/reconstruction, craniotomy, and ortho and vascular cases, to name a few!

Despite the grueling 12 hour days, I made time for fun things on the weekend like running a 5K obstacle course on the beach in the rain, go to football games at the Rose Bowl, go snowboarding!

Now I'm on a two week neuro elective in Newport Beach :)

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